How To Play poker Advanced Tips

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Work on how to play
Players who, like you, have little experience, can reach a higher level, even if it is only the table which is a notch above yours. All you need is optimism, determination and an easy-to-follow guide. This section tells you how to balance accounts, play live, overcome your fear of intimidating players, and play for the right reasons.

The attributes of a winner
Professional players are both sportsmen and businessmen, who succeed in an area that requires discipline, endurance and luck in equal measure. But how do they do it? From money management to hand selection, through psychological awareness to the selection of the initial table, here are 10 attributes which possession could benefit you.

Spot a fish
In poker terms, a “fish” is a weak player who does not know what he is doing and who is likely to be eaten. Their lack of experience can be disastrous for them. This section will tell you in detail not only how to spot a fish, but also how to adapt your way of playing accordingly, even if it means that you have to support them and help them out.

Improve your level of play
Regardless of your level, ignoring important information is a beginner’s mistake. Here is our list of 30 common mistakes you could make and how you could improve your performance.

Improve your concentration
Focus, focus, focus. One of the biggest problems the poker player faces, regardless of experience, is that of concentration. Here are some ways to help build your mental strength and improve your endurance.

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